Sem 2 2023/24: Reading Seminar: Intersection Homology

Time and Place: Friday 10-12 in second floor auditorium


In this seminar we will learn about intersection homology and perverse sheaves following the book by Kirwan and Woolf (see References).


Date Speaker Topic
12.01 Suresh Nayak Overview
19.01 Prognadipto Majumder Review I: Sheaves, homology and cohomology
Eeshan Pandey Review II: Derived category of sheaves and functors
02.02 Soumya Dasgupta Pseudomanifolds and intersection homology
09.02 Trishan Mondal First properties of intersection homology
16.02 Aaratrick Basu L2-cohomology and intersection cohomology
24.02 ⓘ
Jishnu Biswas Sheaf-theoretic intersection homology
19.01 Trishan Mondal Review of Lefschetz theorems
Jishnu Biswas Topological invariance of Intersection Homology
08.03 Animesh Renanse Perverse sheaves: Examples and Properties
15.03 Raushan Toor Nair Nearby and Vanishing cycles
22.03 Kannappan Sampath Introduction to Weil Conjectures
05.04 Kannapppan Sampath Weil Conjectures (contd.)
12.04 Kannapppan Sampath Weil Conjectures (contd.)